Claudio Paniagua was born and brought up in the jewellers’ workshop run by his father and before that by his grandfather. He also studied in the School of Art. It is this combination of experience in the family business with his artistic training which enables him to work in a unique way. The influence of his diverse studies in sculpture and architecture has marked his conceptual progression and has constantly been a source of reference in his work. He says “It is a delight for me to be able to use the concept of volume and space found in architecture and sculpture, a joy to make it an integral part of our body – the antithesis to its usual function.” The brand name “Claudio Paniagua” began as a personal, artistic project in the mid- 1990s and became a designer brand name in jewellery in 1996. Each piece of jewellery and each collection is designed by Claudio and made in his workshop. The fundamental premise of the firm is to make the jewellery adhere to and be in consonance with an artistic discipline. Each piece is hand-crafted so that it has a personal stamp. A team of the best craftsmen and technicians in the country work together, each one in their field of expertise, using their experience in materials and techniques often in ways completely different to those used in traditional jewellery. Each project is therefore unique. A high standard is demanded in both the design and the making of every collection and project. The firm’s aim is to make each and every pair of glasses according to the personal image of its customers and to do so by fomenting greater collaboration between the designer and his clientele.